I dont give a fuck that the chiefs are playing the eagles in the Super Bowl.

Howie Echo-Hawk
3 min readFeb 11, 2023
I just dont care.

Or, why white people are not cats.

Yknow, I have been thinking the past week or so about writing about this. I once wrote a moderately successful rant about the chiefs playing the 49ers in the superbowl, and thought maybe I should lend all my f-bombs to the subject again.

But as I sit here trying to think of a funny twist to talk about, or something delightfully obtuse, I keep coming back to one thing.

I do not care about the Kansas City chiefs.

And for that matter, I don’t care about the Eagles either.

I understand that for some of you this may be controversial, and I hear you.
I hear your screeching day and night.

But let me explain. While it is cute that the “chiefs” vs the “eagles” does sound like two native high school teams playing each other, the racist reality behind the chiefs–the tomahawk chop and accompanying chant, white fans dressed in value village headdresses and facepaint, etc and so on, is just what it is: racist. There have been studies done that show that racist native costumes and mascots affect Native youths sense of identity negatively. This is just the truth. And yet, I say I dont care.

I also didn’t give a fuck about avatar, which, let’s be honest, is just an excuse for white people to tell “Native” stories while painted blue.

Avatar 3 looks wild.


Because I am tired.
Im exhausted of all the bullshit. I’m tired of treating rich white people like they’re kittens. Like they’re playful little assholes who bite us sometimes.
Like they’re cute little bastards who just need us to clean up their poop, scritch their little heads and say “oh, sure, they might try to scratch your eyes out, but if you just get them to understand they might stop.”