Us Natives, We’re Really Something Else.

Howie Echo-Hawk
2 min readNov 5, 2020

Or, Why we should start thinking a hell of a lot more about how treaties legitimize the settler-state.


I was gonna write a whole ass article pulling on all my academic analysis and wit, but then I wrote the headline and that seems good enough. If you get it, you get it.

“Well, I’ll have to chew on that one.” — George Washington, A Monster.

But, I guess if you want some small kind of bullshit comedic, intellectual analysis, the treaties were never entered into in good faith, the settler-state doesn’t care about us, and our insistence on getting them to honor the treaties is like asking George Washington to please stop using slave teeth in his dentures — sure, maybe he’ll listen to you over a glass of whiskey, but at a certain point its gonna come down to wooden splinters in his mouth or TAKING TEETH FROM THE PEOPLE HE OWNED, and you know that son of a bitch isn’t gonna choose splinters.

“DO YOU GET IT YET?” — Me, shouting from the rooftops of a post-apocalypse Seattle. (Circa now, Right the fuck now.)

Or it’s like asking Andrew “Indian Killer” Jackson to change his nickname to Andrew “Federally recognized American Indian and Alaska Native Killer”…